Energy Startups: Join the EnergySpin Business Accelerator & Take Your Solutions International


EnergySpin started as an innovative platform to share ideas and trends and developed into a multi-corporate accelerator program, supporting startups to grow, connecting them to corporates, and helping them to challenge the status quo of the industry.

Because EnergySpin believes in a clean and sustainable future, it helps startups and enterprises reach their goals, and together build a world, where clean and affordable energy is provided for everyone.

Spinning Energy Companies to the Next Level – Worldwide

EnergySpin is run on behalf of a number of corporate partners such as Wärtsilä, THE SWITCH, Danfoss, VEO, and others that contribute financially to the operations of the program, making it a multi-corporate accelerator. This gives corporate partners a chance to collaborate with the most innovative and promising startups in their specific fields to solve pressing challenges.
Energyspin is a growth program for startups seeking international growth. Its 10-week-long accelerator program includes company-specific training for business growth planning, product development, commercialization, financing, and marketing. Additionally, EnergySpin is a unique opportunity to get a real impression of the prospects of the Vaasa region energy cluster in Finland.

Open for all Disruptive Energy Solutions

All startup companies in the energy sector are welcome to apply, as well as startup enterprises in fields linked to the energy sector. This includes solutions based on the following technologies and fields:

  • Power Optimization
  • Power-to-XX-to-Power
  • Smart Grid
  • IoT
  • Cybersecurity
  • Gamification

In short, EnergySpin is looking for all innovative and disruptive solutions that enable a clean energy future.

What You Can Expect from the Accelerator

The EnergySpin accelerator is a 10-weeks part-time program established in Vassa, on the west coast of Finland. Participating in the accelerator is 100% fee-free.

EnergySpin’s team doesn’t just advise you, they work with you shoulder to shoulder each and every day to build successful stories. At EnergySpin, the goal is to get you to launch your idea to the world.

The accelerator is built as a part-time program, however, you will need to be physically present only during specific weeks, when all the workshops, coaching sessions, and meetings happen. The rest of the time you will be able to work from your home base.

After the program, EnergySpin offers the startups participating in the program an opportunity to continue to use the co-working space and services for an additional three months. Their team will continue to work with you to develop your business and customer relations and introduce you to service providers and new partners.

Instagrid, for example, is one successful graduate from EnergySpin, developing an advanced portable power pack to replace highly polluting petrol and diesel generators. This alumni from the 2019 Fall batch received €8.5 million Series A funding led by SET Ventures in early 2020.

Let’s talk benefits – What’s in it for you?

Irrespective of which stage of operations your startup is in, the EnergySpin Business Accelerator offers exciting opportunities for all!

The accelerator offers you the chance to present your use cases to its corporate partners, who are open to possible piloting, PoCs, and other forms of cooperation. The program also includes mentorship by international executives and serial entrepreneurs, workshops focused on going from minimum viable product to minimum meaningful product, organizing of financing, assistance, and connections within marketing and international product distribution, and other startup and industry-relevant topics.

How & Where To Apply

EnergySpin has a three-step application process:

  1. Filling in and submitting an online application: The application is quick & easy and includes a description of your solution, various market opportunities, competitors, finances and details about your team. Submit your application now!
  2. The first round of selection: Selecting 40 startups that will be invited for Selection Days
  3. Selection Days: A 2-days event, where startups meet with EnergySpin’s corporate partners, mentors, and coaches. Based on their evaluations up to 10 startups will be selected for the program.

During the process, EnergySpin tries to be as transparent and founder-friendly as it can, given that EnergySpin has been in your shoes and understands what it’s like to start a business.

To be part of the Fall 2021 Batch & spin your company to the next level, apply by 21 August 2021!


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