Top 5 Must Have Best VR Headset

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Watching the game, movies with your friends on a Big screen are good. Still, nothing comes even close to VR headsets when it comes to individual experience, and this pandemic has proven it. VR headsets are excellent because they can capture all your senses in such an immersive experience. In addition, they engage your eyes, ears, and body simultaneously. All of this makes the experience much more engaging than just looking at a screen. Plus, if you are into gaming and if you are into scary movies, then probably resident evil will keep you awake at night. With that, let’s dig into our list of

No 5 on Best VR Headset Is

“Valve Index”

Top 5 Must Have best vr headset

The valve index is amongst the best VR headset. It comes from a well-known gaming company. They have launched steam and produced some fantastic games such as half-life. Now they are entering the VR segment with the valve index. It is revolutionary in many ways. Your speakers sound both immersive and distant without sound creepage and leakage. It has a screen size of 1440x 1600 RGB and has more subpixels than OLED options. The display can also run at 144 hertz due to the valve index. This means you will get better sharpness, clarity, and comfort over any VR available. The controllers are among the most advanced available. The valve index is the best VR headset.


  • Finger-tracking controllers
  • Best-in-class display
  • Fantastic audio
  • Good resolution and field of view
  • Comfortable, user-friendly headset
  • Awesome controllers


  • Frustrating setup
  • Very expensive
  • Lighthouse setup is inconvenient
  • Still tethered to a PC

No 4 on Best VR Headset Is

 Oculus Quest 2

Top 5 Must Have best vr headset

The Oculus Quest is the best option for anyone who wants to explore VR technology but doesn’t have a system. The Oculus Quest, a standalone VR headset, is a complete system that allows you to play anyplace and anytime. it provides you with almost everything that makes virtual reality worth it and delivers high-quality VR experiences with minimal setup. It is comparable to smartphones with Snapdragon 835 processors, including the Google Pixel 2, Razer Phone, and Galaxy S8. The headband has hidden holes that allow spatial audio to aim sound at your ears.

It also supports 3.5-millimeter input headphones, an excellent feature if you are looking for a stereo audio experience. You can step into the gaming world with the Quest 2. It allows you to access 360-degree video content, apps, and games across all genres. This is an excellent gadget that even technophobic family members can enjoy. This headset can be used to play hundreds of games, some paid and some free. Oculus Quest’s best feature is its OLED display with a native resolution of 1440p and 72 Hertz, which allows for more accurate colour reproduction, sharp images, and smoother gameplay. 


  • It requires minimal effort to get working
  • It is very user friendly And 
  • It’s compatible with PC’s


  • It requires a Facebook account to use it.
  • Link cable and better strap cost extra
  • Still bulky and socially awkward

No 3 on Best VR Headset Is

Vive Cosmos

Top 5 Must Have best vr headset

 The Vive Cosmos Elite, an upgraded version of their flagship product, is the new Vive Cosmos Elite. When it comes to performance, it hit all the notes to its perfection. Managing 1440×1700 pixels per eye, for a total of 2880×1700 pixels, which is quite impressive for a VR headset. The headset also features a comfortable flip-up visor and a robust headband that you can remove if you do not use it.

The Vive Cosmos also comes standard with several cameras, which can aid in the inside-out tracking. They can also be used to provide a view through the camera, allowing you to see all around & make sure that you dont hit your head. The Elite also has well-balanced padding, making it much more comfortable to use for hours without taking a break. The Flip-up integrated headphones keep you cool and eliminate the need to use extra wires for the second pair of headphones. VR headsets can have difficulty sensing the controllers from their surroundings which leads to poor hand tracking. This problem is solved by the Cosmos Elite using the External Tracking Faceplate.


  •  It has an HD display
  •  Improved motion controls.
  •  It uses a convenient flip-up face plate And
  •  Its controllers last longer than other makes.
  •  Doesn’t require external sensors.
  •  Large software library with Viveport and SteamVR.


  •  It will require you to connect to Micro-USB for firmware updates
  •  It takes a long time to set up
  •  Requires a full-size DisplayPort 1.2 port.
  •  Comparatively expensive

No 2 on Best VR Headset Is

The Oculus Rift S

Top 5 Must Have best vr headset

The Oculus Rift S can be used parallelly with computers to create a virtual reality experience. The headset connects to your computer via a DisplayPort connection or USB 3.0 port. A long cable is used to connect to the machine. This is more than enough to provide the immersive experiences the Rift S can deliver. It would help if you paired your high-performance VR headset with a high-quality system before you can use it. The Oculus Rift requires a computer with at least a GTX 1060 GPU or RX480 GPU, a Ryzen 5 or higher. This is because immersion is the basis of your entire experience. You can experience motion sickness and other problems if you use the headset with inferior hardware. The Rift S uses two goggle-like lenses to provide a 3D stereo view of the world. It’s similar to other VR headsets.

A series of sensors calculate your movements in real life and convert them into in-game actions. If you tilt your head to the left, the digital world follows. If you crouch down, the in-game floor will draw closer in real-time. This creates a sci-fi-like environment, especially if you are interacting with the world around you. The RGB stripe display is one of the Rift S. The Rift S’s pixels are aligned in a grid, and all gaps between them are eliminated. This was a problem with the previous generation. The improved display provides sharper images and enhanced immersion levels. It also has a higher density of pixels, which eliminates jagged lines. The Rift S does not require external sensors to provide a high-quality room-scale experience. Oculus Insight scans the surrounding area and creates a 3D map. It does this by identifying the headset’s location in space every millisecond. This device also uses Passthrough plus technology and Asynchronous Space warp to better view the world around you.


  •  Its made to suit indoor spaces
  •  It processes and presents in-game information quickly for a better experience
  •  It uses Passthrough technology, so you’re not disconnected from the real world


  • while playing games via Steam VR, it can struggle through stability issues.
  • Reduced refresh rate
  • Wired
  • Prone to crashing

No 1 on Best VR Headset Is

Sony PlayStation VR

Top 5 Must Have best vr headset

The Sony PlayStation VR offers a great Virtual Reality experience without the need to purchase a gaming PC. The PlayStation VR system, like other virtual reality headsets, works by creating two images at once and then transferring them to your headset from a few feet away. However, unlike other VR devices, which require costly graphics cards, Sony PlayStation VR is used with the PlayStation 4’s integrated GPU. This huge bonus provides high value for money. In addition, this device uses the PlayStation Camera to track nine points of light on it and the lights on the Move and Dual Shock 4 controllers, depending on what game you are playing. It’s surprisingly accurate, considering it only uses one camera to monitor what’s going on.

The PlayStation VR can also be capable of handling 1080p games at a 920×1080 OLED display at 90-Hertz. This allows for a smooth, high-definition image. Sony claims that the response time of PlayStation VR is around 18 milliseconds. While this is the same speed as Oculus, Sony does have a significant advantage over other brands. Sony is already a major game publisher. This means they can provide the software and permissions for developers without additional software. In addition, you can access a wide range of triple-A games directly from PlayStation. This product is also straightforward to set up.


  • It doesn’t need an expensive gaming rig
  • It is capable of utilizing Play stations massive range of games 
  • It is straightforward to start using


  •  It can’t track a lot of movement, perhaps less sensitive
  •  It doesn’t come with the required accessories
  •  Poor job sealing out light
  •  Spotty motion controller tracking

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