Apple is once again requiring some Apple Store staff and customers to wear a mask


Apple is once again requiring some Apple Store staff and customers to wear a mask

Bloomberg is reporting today that in the wake of increasing COVID-19 cases in the U.S., it will require staff and some customers to wear a mask in many stateside Apple Stores even if they have already been vaccinated. Bloomberg obtained a copy of a memo that was disseminated today to Apple Store’s retail staff alerting them to the move.
Earlier this month, Apple required masks again for select stores in the states and today’s actions will cover roughly half of Apple’s 270 U.S. locations. In the aforementioned memo, Apple told its retail employees that “After carefully reviewing the latest CDC recommendations, and analyzing the health and safety data for your local area, we are updating our guidance on face masks for your store. Starting July 29, face masks will be required in store for customers and team members — even if they’re vaccinated.”
Apple said that it is making the change “out of an abundance of caution” after the pandemic came back to life thanks to the highly contagious Delta variant. The tech giant also “urged” its employees to get vaccinated but is not demanding it at this time. “Apple encourages everyone who is eligible to receive a Covid-19 vaccine, to take it,” the memo says. “Please talk to your doctor and decide what’s right for you.”

Google today informed its corporate staff that they cannot return to the office until they are vaccinated. Apple employees must wear masks inside of Apple office buildings but they do not have to wear face-covering when they are outside.

Earlier this week, Apple pushed back its plans to have employees return to their offices by September to October. However, the firm admits that it might need to push this back another month. “we are monitoring things daily to really conclude whether that is the right answer or not,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said.

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