Even the Android 12 Easter egg involves Material You

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  • A leak has revealed the Android 12 Easter egg.
  • Turn a clock to the right time and you’ll get a Material You surprise.
  • It’s not clear if you’ll see it in any pre-release versions of the new OS.

No new version of Android is complete without an Easter egg surprise, and that’s certainly true for Android 12. The 9to5Google team has obtained what it says is a “preview” of the Easter egg that, to no one’s surprise, revolves heavily around Material You.

When the Easter egg is ready, you’ll have to visit Settings > About phone > Android version and tap the “12” repeatedly. Do so and a Material You-themed clock (keyed to your wallpaper) will appear. Spin the hour and minute hands to reach 12 o’clock and you’ll get the Android 12 logo as well as a sea of circles themed on your backdrop.

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The 9to5 source didn’t know just when you’d see the Easter egg in a publicly available release. However, there’s only one more beta, the release candidate, and the eventual launch. While you won’t see the egg in the just-released 3.1 beta (that’s still the Android 11 version),  you may only have to wait weeks before trying it yourself.

The Easter egg isn’t as flashy as Android 11’s Neko Cat game, 10’s puzzler, or Pie’s drawing app. It does a good job of showcasing Android 12’s signature visual feature, though. And look at it this way — unless you stick to stock wallpaper, there’s a real chance your artwork will be unique to your phone.

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